Thursday, March 6, 2014

Aliens ~ The Definitive Guide

When Aliens arrive on Earth , Will They Be Friend or Foe? Today on Far Future Horizons  we present The Definitive Guide To Aliens. 

What will Alien life look like? When are they coming? And, perhaps the most important question how will we know?

In this galaxy alone, there's an estimated 60 billion planets that could sustain alien life. But is E.T. most likely to resemble a fish? A bird? Or a blob? Would we even recognize it as an alien if it didn't look like the "little green men" of popular culture? How will they get here? How long would it take, and how would these beings survive a trip of hundreds of centuries? And would they get lost along the way, turning left at Saturn instead of right? On contact, how would we communicate? Perhaps these other-worldly beings have created great civilizations - far surpassing anything found on Earth - and they are way more advanced than us, like the Vulcans. Will aliens be smart like Spock?

Be it to fight invaders or befriend curious extra-terrestrial visitors, scientists are preparing Earth for first contact with alien life. Aliens: The Definitive Guide explores where aliens might live, what they could look like, how intelligent they are, and how they can do the seemingly impossible: travel across time and space. The world's brainiest planet hunters scour the universe in search of alien home worlds; astrobiologists unlock the secrets of alien evolution; NASA's top technicians explore the inky infinity of space to imagine the next generation spacecraft - even warp drives - to suggest the technologies super-advanced aliens will use to get here; and experts advise on how to greet an alien and what to do when they get here. Let's hope - for the sake of mankind - that they ultimately come in peace.

An original Canada/U.K. co-production  ALIENS: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE was produced for Discovery Canada and Science Channel (U.S.). Alan Handel (Handel Productions) and Tom Brisley (Arrow Media) were the Executive Producers on the project; Bruce Glawson was the Production Executive for Discovery Canada.

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The Definitive Guide To Aliens S01E01 What To Expect

The Definitive Guide To Aliens S01E02 How To Prepare
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