Monday, April 28, 2014

Dolphins: The Second Smartest Animal?

Today on Far Future Horizons we take a close look at perhaps the second smartest creature on our planet. In a recent article scientists have declared Dolphins the world’s second most intelligent creatures after humans, with scientists suggesting they are so bright that they should be treated as “non-human persons”. It appears that we share this planet with another sentient species.

Studies into dolphin behavior have highlighted how similar their communications are to those of humans and that they are brighter than chimpanzees. These have been backed up by anatomical research showing that dolphin brains have many key features associated with high intelligence.

Dolphin intelligence is even more impressive than scientists previously believed. So what are the ethical ramifications for our treatment of these extraordinary creatures?

Now we have tangible evidence there is intelligent life in Aquatica. I even suspect that Dolphins may be more intelligent than we are. At least, to the best of my knowledge, they do not pollute their environment.

The ancestors of the modern day dolphins entered the water roughly fifty million years ago, in the Eocene epoch. They have existed on our planet ten times longer than our first proto-human ancestors. If Dolphins could talk directly to us what wonderful tales would they tell us about life in the sea before the advent of humankind?

Today’s two main video features uncover the mysteries surrounding these magnificent creatures of the sea.

Dolphins: The Second Smartest Animal?

Lori Marino's discoveries around the incredible level of intelligence in dolphins show they should be treated as sentient beings with lives to lead, not objects or commodities.

Dolphins Deep Thinkers?

Documentary in which David Attenborough investigates the latest discoveries about dolphin intellect. For the first time ever he ‘talks’ to dolphins, putting them to the test and finding out about their remarkable wild behaviour. Many astonishing facts are revealed about dolphins. It seems that they not only solve problems with tools, but also understand many words in different order. They also have a sign language of their own.

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