Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our Voyage to the Stars ~ The Ultimate Human Diaspora

Today on Far Future Horizons we present another exciting episode from the acclaimed documentary series: How the Universe Works ~ Our Voyage to the Stars.

This installment of How the Universe Works discusses the ultimate human diaspora.

Project Persephone : British Scientists Building 'Living Space Ark' To Save Humanity: a vision of a living spaceship by Adam Benton, including an 'open' design exposed to an internal nuclear engine/sun

One day, a cosmic disaster will make life on Earth impossible. To survive, we must find a new home amongst the stars. Scientists are already developing new propulsion systems to take us to these distant worlds aboard Interstellar Arks and Generation Ships

An O'Neill Space Colony would be the basic design platform for an Interstellar Ark

Currently a team of international visionaries involved in Project Persephone are designing one such conceptual Interstellar Ark. 

This episode of How the Universe Works is available from Amazon Instant Video

How the Universe Works ~ Our Voyage to the Stars (or via the Direct  Link)
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