Friday, May 22, 2015

Ancient Inventions ~ Sex and Love

At the risk of just being a tad risqué, today on Far Future Horizons  we  present a documentary concerning humankind’s favourite past times – Sex and love.

The second instalment of Terry Jones’ acclaimed documentary series Ancient Inventions explorers our ancient obsession “with inventing new ways of looking good and turning each other on”,  amongst other things.

No one invented sex or love, but they’ve always been one of the greatest spurs to human inventiveness. Making ourselves sexually attractive is not just a modern obsession. Our ancient ancestors were just as obsessed with inventing new ways of looking good and turning each other on as we are today. For example, Pharaoh’s slaves once went on strike because they ran out of makeup. And, fashionable Roman women used to smear themselves with gladiator sweat. And, when it comes to finding ways to improve our sex lives, our ancestors came up with a good many inventions modern Man has only just rediscovered. The female condom, the pregnancy tester, yes, and even the oral contraceptive. Believe it or not, they’re all ancient inventions.

Ancient inventions, hosted by Terry Jones, is available on DVD through

Ancient Inventions ~ Sex and Love 
Ancient Inventions - Sex and Love from Vali Halfvampire on Myspace.

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