Monday, February 29, 2016

Patrick Moore interviews Carl Sagan on the Search for Extraterrestrial Life and Civilizations

Today on Far Future Horizons we presents a clip from “The Sky at Night featuring Carl Sagan and Patrick Moore.

The clip comes from the episode “Life in the Universe” that aired on Wednesday 15th May 1974 on BBC 1.

Patrick Moore interviews Dr Carl Sagan, astronomer and exobiologist, on the possibility of life on other planets.

Carl Sagan, along with many others, had argued that all technical civilizations, no matter how advanced or exotic, will speak in the language of science and mathematics and most will stumble upon radio technology for communication at some point in technical development, perhaps even very early.

Given the narrow range of the observed habitability of complex life in our own solar system combined with the vast distances of space, it seems most likely that one inhabited planet may be entirely isolated in space and time from another by hundreds if not thousands of light years in a given galaxy.

Therefore transmitting messages, written in scientific and mathematical text in long lasting mediums such as deep space probes or radio waves is the best way to contact an extraterrestrial civilization and hence the best way to receive contact should be to listen to very weak signals embedded in radio noise over a few important frequencies, perhaps associated with the physical constants.

Carl Sagan and Patrick Moore on Extraterrestrial Life and Civilizations

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