Monday, April 18, 2016

The Lost Tomb of Genghis Khan

Today on Far Future Horizons we go on an adventure that sounds like it came right out of a Clive Cussler novel as we go in search of the Lost Tomb of Genghis Khan.

His action-packed life may have blazed a searing trail of death and destruction through history but, in death, Genghis Khan is proving to be a puzzlingly elusive figure.

In the Lost Tomb of Genghis Khan we saddle up with a team of experts as they unearth Mongolia's best-kept secret and the only remaining tie to its spiritual and political forefather.

With no burial site ever uncovered, the 800-year-old mystery of the marauding Mongolian's final resting place has baffled archaeologists for centuries.

Led by self-confessed Genghis-obsessive Albert Yu-Min Lin, the explorers hope that untested technologies and a sophisticated network of civilian scientists will give them the edge on previous missions.

But as they approach what they believe could be the legendary Burkhan Khaldun, a sacred mountain often linked to the long-dead ruler, gold grabbing gravediggers and freakish weather systems all stand in their way.

The final pieces of this ancient mystery have never seemed closer, but will they stay out of reach forever?

This National Geographic Channel documentary is available from and the National Geographic Channel’s online store.

 For those of you in search of a good adventure yarn allow me to suggest: Treasure of Khan (A Dirk Pitt Novel) by Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler. This novel is the ninetieth Dirk Pitt novel and is about a Mongolian oil tycoon and his attempts to gain control over the world petroleum markets. It also has a secondary plot of a search for the treasures in the tombs of Genghis Khan and Khublai Khan. This is a self contained novel as the entire series of Dirk Pitt novels as is a good introduction to the entire Dirk Pitt series. Treasure of Khan and the entire Dirk Pitt series is available from Amazon Books.

National Geographic Channel's The Lost Tomb of Genghis Khan
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