Saturday, October 1, 2016

Mankind, the Story of All of Us – Empires

Today on Far Future Horizons we present the third  episode of the epic documentary series Mankind: the Story of All of Us – Empires.

In the city of Jerusalem, a man is crucified--Jesus of Nazareth. His death gives birth to a global religion. But Christianity may never have happened without the Roman Empire. A vast network of roads and shipping lanes, it allows goods and ideas to flow across three continents. Jesus' message transforms Mankind. Today one in three people on the planet are Christians.

Mankind:  The Story of All of Us embraces a groundbreaking way of telling this epic human story.

The world broadcast initiative Mankind: The Story of All of Us is the epic tale of the global rise of civilization, complete with danger, action, heroism and adrenaline. This series takes viewers from the first flourishing of civilization in Mesopotamia through the discovery of America. Utilizing multiple disciplines to provide greater insight into the formation of our world, the series will draw upon surprising links from geography, natural history and science. Groundbreaking production techniques bring to life the greatest landmarks of human achievement as never seen before: CGI rebuilds lost worlds, large-scale re-enactments replay critical battles shot on location, and innovative use of interactive maps dynamically illustrates the key factors that gave rise to centres of human activity. The series targets fundamental mega-moments or significant things that take man to a new level and provide relevance to his life today…


Mankind, the Story of All of Us is one documentary series you will want to add to your collection and is available on DVD from and  Along with this series there is also a companion book titled Mankind, the Story of All of Us by Pamela D. Toler at and

For younger readers there is also Mankind, the Story of All of Us the graphic novel also available from and

Mankind The Story of All of Us - Empires

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