Saturday, December 31, 2016

Time’s Arrow

It controls the rhythm of our lives like a Metronome ticking away and measuring the pace and tempo of our existence. Time is an enduring mystery. And, along with time’s arrow we are taking an inexorable voyage into an unknown future.

Many of us today, the world over, will be counting the seconds as Midnight approaches and a New Year dawns. All of us during some moment of our lives have wondered about the fundamental nature of time. But, while it dominates our lives and all of us are bound up in its inexorable passage, few of us can give a precise definition of what Time with a capital “T” precisely is.

Today being the last day of 2016 AD we at Far Future Horizons are going on a Time Odyssey in search of the nature of time to explore it in all its majesty, wonder and mystery with the three part BBC documentary series "Time Machine".

From the creation of the highest mountains to the opening of  flowers petals, time controls the world around us. To understand this super-powerful force on Earth, we must wrench control of time ourselves - compressing, expanding, stopping and dissecting it, to reveal the passing of time and how it shapes our world and our lives.


Time Machine Episode 1:  The World Shaped By Time

This is the first episode of a three-part documentary series offering an insight into the dramatic forces that shape life on Earth, using speeded-up footage that compresses centuries into seconds. The programme follows the movement of mountains, rivers, glaciers and the sea, and offers a glimpse of what the future might hold, revealing how the Great Rift Valley may well be on its way to becoming the next ocean.

tm1 by miredemirel

Time Machine Episode 2 Life – The Race Against Time

How does the passage of time affect the existence of life on Earth? Discover how soldier crabs have their own alarm clocks, how plants tell the time, and why humans live far longer than we should. Plus, see hummingbirds and horses evolve before your eyes.

Time Machine Episode 3 Human - Masters of Time

The last episode in the series examines how humans perceive and experience time, investigating the internal body clock which tells people when to eat, drink, sleep and relax. The importance of accurately measuring time is explored in relation to human evolution, and there's a debate about whether humankind will ever be able to travel between past, present and future.

Time Machine - The Complete BBC Documentary Series, is available on DVD in its entirety from Amazon Books in the United Kingdom. 

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