Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Universe ~ The Biggest Things in Space

Today on Far Future Horizons we are going to explore the superlatives of our grand Cosmos. Today we are proud to present the – “The Biggest Things in Space” featuring, well the biggest of the big: planets, stars, and galaxies, with a few gargantuan black holes thrown in for good measure.

A Lyman alpha blob (left) and an artist's impression of what one might look like if viewed from relatively close (right).

A look at the biggest things in the universe, such as the cosmic web which connects galaxies together along threads of dark matter or the Lyman-alpha blob which is a bubble containing countless galaxies. Also we take a look at super-galaxies, super massive black holes, radio lobes, voids and  vast foam-like structure sometimes called the "cosmic web".

The Cosmic Web

Then there are super galaxy clusters which are hundreds of galaxies merged together due to cosmic collisions.

A Supermassive Blackhole

Discover which is the largest planet, star, star cluster, constellation, black hole, volcano, galaxy, explosions, moon, storm, impact crater and “void” in space.

“The Universe” is one documentary series you will want to add to your collection and is available on DVD from

The Universe ~The Biggest Things in Space

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