Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reading Is Indeed Fundamental

It has been said that reading is fundamental to a child’s education. In fact at least one philanthropic organization in the United States, Reading is Fundamental (RIF) is devoted to the mission of creating and fostering “a literate America in which all children have access to books and discover the joys and value of reading”.

Today on Far Future Horizons we present another exciting installment of the acclaimed BBC science documentary series Horizon, titled “Why Reading Matters” presented and narrated by science writer Rita Carter that offers scientific evidence that reading is indeed fundamental to a child’s education and is an activity which benefits all of us throughout our lives.

Science writer Rita Carter tells the story of how modern neuroscience has revealed that reading, something most of us take for granted, unlocks remarkable powers. Carter explains how the classic novel Wuthering Heights allows us to step inside other minds and understand the world from different points of view, and she wonders whether the new digital revolution could threaten the values of classic reading.

This episode of Horizon and other documentaries produced and presented by the BBC can be purchased from their online shop.

BBC Horizon - Why Reading Matters

[BBC documentary] Why Reading Matters from International Dimensions of Tech on Vimeo.
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