Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Alien Neighbors

Today on Far Future Horizons we go in search of our Alien Neighbors.

If we are not alone, who, or what else, is out there? Is anybody listening? ...
2042 AD. Powerful orbiting telescopes scour the heavens for signs of life. They focus on a dim yellow globe. Spectrum Analyzer results: negative. No oxygen, no life. The autotracker zooms in to another world, a pale blue dot. Oxygen signal: affirmative. And there appears to be water. This could be it!

The scenario belongs to the future, but the future is almost here. Life on earth may have begun with a bang, when microorganisms, hitching a ride on a comet or asteroid, crash landed on our planet. Finding themselves in a mild and watery world, the single celled organisms may have slowly evolved into the rich and varied life forms that exist today. There are clues that this may be what actually happened, but what do these early microorganisms look like, and from which planets or moons might they have come? Single celled organisms are just one example of life that might exist in the depths of space. There could also be intelligent life out there, way beyond our own solar system, and alien neighbors may be more common than we ever dreamed.

Alien Neighbors

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