Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Man Conquers Space

Space Artist and author Ron Miller’s fabulous article The Great 1952 Space Program That Almost Was concerning what is referred to now as Collier’s “Space Program” inspired today’s blog post.

Collier’s magazine was one of the leading general interest weekly magazines of the 1940s and 50s. Collier’s “Space Program” consisted of six magazine articles that appeared over a two year period beginning in March, 1952 under the general title “Man Will Conquer Space Soon!
The articles were written by the leading space experts of the day and lavishly illustrated by pioneering space artist Chesley Bonestell. Wernher von Braun, Willy Ley and astronomer Fred Whipple, amongst others contributed to this project.

This article series would later serve as the basis for three episodes in the Disneyland anthology series: Man in Space, Man and the Moon, and Mars and Beyond. The series was also expanded into three books: Across the Space Frontier (1952), Conquest of the Moon (1953) and The Exploration of Mars (1956). Examples of some of the ships they modelled are in the World of Collier's add-ons to the Orbiter space flight simulator.

Today on Far Future Horizons we would like to showcase an Australian mockumentary titled “Man Conquers Space” which has been in production for quite some time.

"Man Conquers Space" presents an alternate history of our space program and brings to life Collier Magazine’s vision of Man’s Future in Space in living colour. 

"the United States government under President Truman commits to founding the National Council of Astronautics. Its role is to administer research, development and operations of spacefaring activities. The US Army also spawns the US Air Force and the US Space Force - responsible for military operations in air and space respectively."

“Using scientists and technicians from not only the US' own space program but personnel captured in Germany at the end of the War, a vast NCA team is established to turn dreams into reality. By 1956, the Mk I Ferry Rocket is operational, providing reliable and reusable access to low and high Earth orbit. By 1960, Wheel Space Station I is operational, providing an orbital platform for further construction and development, while being home for 45 permanent crew.”

I am really looking forward to its eventual theatrical release.

Our video features for today are three teaser trailers from "Man Conquers Space" which we present for your viewing pleasure.

Man Conquers Space Teaser Trailers

Man Conquers Space Teaser Trailer (The Best One of them All)
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  1. An excellent overview by a fine artist who's also a first-rate historian and researcher. Thanks for posting!