Friday, October 17, 2014

The Science of Superheroes

In every age and across many cultures humanity has always been intrigued by legends and tales of people graced with superhuman strength and who were hybrids of Gods and mere men. With the advent of the industrial age, we saw the argumentation of human strength and speed by merging man with machine.

In the nineteenth century, the dawning of Darwinism and the emergence of Nietzschean philosophy led to the notion that selective breeding will allow humanity to direct the course of its own evolution towards the improvement of the species. The creation of the Übermensch came into vogue.

The word Übermensch is a German word, which when translated into English means Beyond-Man or the Overman. The next step in our cultural and biological evolution in becoming trans or post-human. However, for many of us the word Übermensch has come to mean Superman.

Will twenty-first century science and technology make possible the creation of a new breed of humans? Humans gifted with extraordinary intelligence, strength and agility.  Or even make possible the advent, of that mainstay of many a childhood (and dare I say it) perhaps even adult fantasy – the costumed superhero? 

Today we take a closer look at the science behind our favourite comic book heroes and see just what it takes to become a real life Man of Steel and Cape Crusader.

Science of Superman

A scientific look behind Superman and his powers. The documentary is a property of British Sky Broadcasting. Superman and all related characters are a property of DC Comics. Superman film series and soundtrack are property of Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. Smallville TV series is a property of The CW Television Network. All rights reserved.

Batman Tech

A scientific look behind Batman and his gadgets. The documentary is a property of History Channel®. Batman and all related characters are a property of DC Comics. Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and soundtrack are property of Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.

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