Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hitler’s Atomic Bomb

Today on Far Future Horizons we take an in-depth look at the Nazi’s Atomic Bomb program.  

In 1939, as Europe prepared for war, the Nazis led the world in the race for the atomic bomb. Yet six years later it was the Americans who dropped the first nuclear bomb on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima  and Nagasaki .

Did scientific errors rob Hitler of the one weapon that could have defeated the Allies? Or was there a conspiracy of anti-Nazi scientists to deny it to him? This documentary programme reveals a surprising solution.

Anthony Bate plays Niels Bohr, and Philip Anthony is Werner Heisenberg.

BBC Horizon Hitler's Atomic Bomb
Horizon - Hitlers Atomic Bomb (1992) Enriched Uranium quite a bargaining chip in 1944 5 from TonyGosling on Vimeo.
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