Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Japan’s Atomic Bomb

Today on Far Future Horizons we examine some intriguing evidence that the  Japanese developed their own atomic bomb and  detonated it days before they surrendered?

Since the end of the Second World War, conventional wisdom claimed that Imperial Japan was years away from building an atomic weapon. Today’s documentary feature shatters that view.

Japan’s Atomic Bomb examines the evidence which suggests Japan was just weeks behind the United States in the race to build the bomb.

Using once-secret Japanese wartime documents, this special offers evidence that Japan had world-class nuclear physicists, access to uranium ore, and cyclotrons to process it. They devised an innovative way to deliver the bombs using 400-foot long Sen Toku submarines, capable of carrying and launching airplanes. Most startling, just six days after Hiroshima, Japan tested its own atomic device on a small island 20 miles off the Korean coast! The sobering conclusion is that Japan may have been just weeks behind the U.S. in the race for the bomb.

Japan’s Atomic Bomb is available on DVD from the History Channel’s online store and Amazon.com

Japan’s Atomic Bomb 

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