Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Day After Disaster – What if Washington, D.C. got Nuked?


In the current climate of widespread national security concerns in the U.S. and recent sabre rattling by North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, many people worry that the threat of a nuclear attack on American soil is more plausible than ever.

Today on Far Future Horizons we explore this chilling scenario, and get a firsthand look at what would happen if a nuclear bomb exploded in the heart of Washington, D.C.

With shockingly realistic dramatizations, Day After Disaster puts you in the line of fire to experience the consequences of nuclear fallout from the moment of detonation to 24 hours afterward.

Focusing on the administration’s controversial Continuity of Government program (COG) this History Channel documentary offers a rare inside look at how the government plans to save American lives while also ensuring that the country does not descend into anarchy should the President and those next in line be among the estimated 300,000 dead.

Featuring extraordinary interviews with Department of Homeland Security officials and terrifying images of the expected nuclear aftermath in the nation s capital, this feature-length special explores the incisive question: Is America prepared for the Day After Disaster?

Day After Disaster is available on DVD from the History Channel’s online store.

Day After Disaster – What if Washington, D.C. got Nuked?
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