Friday, April 17, 2015

David Attenborough's First life - Arrival

Today on Far Future Horizons we join Dr. David Attenborough in search of the origin of life with his acclaimed documentary series “First Life” and follow the three and half billion year saga of life on Earth.

In fifty years of broadcasting, David Attenborough has travelled the globe to document the living world in all its wonder. Now, in this landmark series, he completes his journey by going back in time to the very roots of the tree of life, in search of the very first animals.

From the fog bound coastline of Newfoundland to the deserts of North Africa and the rainforests of Queensland, Attenborough finds evidence in fossils and living animals of an extraordinary period in Earth’s history, half a billion years ago, when animals first appeared in the oceans. From the first eyes that saw, to the first predators that killed and the first legs that walked on land, these were creatures that evolved the traits and tools that allow all animals, including us, to survive to this day.

Stunning photography and state of the art visual effects combine with the captivating charm of the world’s favourite naturalist. Bringing together fossil finds from the last few years that have transformed our understanding of early life forms with photo-realistic CGI technology, First Life brings these animals and their environments back to life in brilliant detail.

David Attenborough's First life is one documentary series you will want to add to your collection and is available on DVD from Along with this series there is also a companion book titled First Life: A Journey Back in Time co-written with Matt Kaplan at and

David Attenborough's First life: Arrival

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