Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Universe ~ Secrets of the Sun

Today on Far future Horizons we explore the secrets of the parental star of our own solar system and the main source of our home world’s light and warmth – the Sun.

The Solar Interior 

It is a fireball in the sky, a bubbling, boiling, kinetic sphere of white hot plasma, exploding and erupting. Its size is almost unimaginable–one million Earths would fit within its boundaries.

The Structure of the Sun

In this violence is born almost all the energy that makes existence on Earth possible, yet, its full mysteries are only now beginning to be understood. From Sun spots to solar eclipses, solar flares to solar storms, the birth of the sun to its potential death, discover the science and history behind this celestial object that makes life on Earth exist. 

The Universe is available on DVD from and the History Channel’s online store.

The Universe ~ Secrets of the Sun

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