Monday, June 8, 2015

Robert Ballard: Exploring the Ocean's Hidden Worlds

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time” ~  T.S. Eliot

Today we celebrate World Oceans Day on Far Future Horizons.

In this TED talk Ocean explorer Robert Ballard takes us on a mind-bending trip to hidden worlds underwater, where he and other researchers are finding unexpected life, resources, even new mountains. He makes a fabulous case for the serious exploration and mapping of the undersea realm of Aquatica.

Robert Ballard: Exploring the ocean's hidden worlds 

We at the Far Future Horizons through our commitment and support of the Atlantica Expeditions are in total agreement with Dr. Robert Ballard. We find it ludicrous that not enough funding has been given for the comprehensive exploration of humanity’s last great frontier on Earth – the Undersea Realm of Aquatica.

Humanity in the last fifty years has made great strides in the exploration of space and has all but completed its preliminary reconnaissance of the solar system. But, in the course of explorations we have overlooked three quarters of our own world. We have left a great yawning gap in the map of our own planet and a fuller understanding of our own world. The time has come to fill in this great unknown.

Yet, the debate as to whether to fund space exploration at the expense of undersea exploration or vice versa in our minds is a very artificial one. In a greater context exploring the oceans of our world is part and parcel of the planetary exploration of our solar system. But, it is a very vital one because it concerns a very large portion of our home world about which we know very little.

We do not view the debate as an “either or proposition”. We support both exploratory endeavours and view them as vital to the long term survival and well being of the human species. Both undertakings stand on their own merits and they also compliment one another. The same applies for the eventual colonization goals of both enterprises.

What we learn in the course of exploring Earth’s last great frontier will help enhance our long tern survival on our own world and on countless worlds through out the Milky Way Galaxy.
Many of the members of the League of New Worlds have a tremendous interest in both enterprises. And are actively engaged and employed in both exploratory programs. We feel that the goals of exploring and eventually inhabiting both sea and space enhance humanity’s prospects of inhabiting both realms.

We have nearly completed the preliminary reconnaissance of the worlds of our Solar System. And, these worlds cry out for further and more detailed exploration. But, in the course of our wanderings we have missed something very close to home by over looking three quarters of our own world.

In the immortal words of T.S. Eliot “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time”.
If we have learned anything during the past fifty years of space exploration its that "good planets" are hard to find and its high time we fully understand and take better care of the one, which for now at least, we can truly call home.

The dream of permanently settling Aquatica has begun, with the immediate, global commitment to long term ocean monitoring and the sustainable development of its vast wealth. We also seek to venture there to teach every culture innovative and powerful systems of thought, carved from a profound visionary philosophy – to preserve and protect this vast ocean realm. It is a philosophy vital to our long term survival on this planet and out in the vast frontier of outer space.

We must also commit our global civilization to the long term goal of maintaining the health and vitality of this planet in all its realms – land, air and sea. All of which are integral to the long term habitability of our world. Vital in meeting that end is our commitment to the continual monitoring of the health of our planetary ocean - Aquatica. Visit the Atlantica Expeditions web site and learn more about this exciting vision of exploration and discovery.

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