Thursday, July 16, 2015

Back into the Abyss

"A non-terrestrial intelligence! NTIs. Oh man, that's better than UFOs! Oh, but that works too, huh? "Underwater Flying Objects". ~ Alan "Hippy" Carnes, from the motion picture The Abyss (1989)

Today on Far Future Horizons we will take a journey to the deepest depths of the ocean and return to – The Abyss. In today’s video feature we take an in depth look at the creative process behind the stunning non-terrestrial intelligence (NTI) creatures in James Cameron’s The Abyss.

Back into the Abyss is a mini-documentary exploring the creative process and challenges that FX legend Steve Johnson and his crew faced to create the "non-terrestrial intelligence (NTI)" creatures for James Cameron's hit motion picture The Abyss.

Steve Johnson shares his memories, in which hedescribes with disbelief how Gale Anne Hurd and James Cameron decided to, hirea "23-year-old-moron" to design the angelic underwater alien puppets upon which this iconic motion picture hinged upon.

Back into the Abyss is available as a double DVD set from Eon Entertainment, a companydedicated to preserving and presenting a legacy of film special effects archives.

Back Into The Abyss on YouTube 

The Abyss Trailer 

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