Tuesday, July 14, 2015

From Here to Infinity

Today on Far Future Horizons we honor Patrick Stewart on his Seventy-fifth birthday by  joining him on a Starship of the imagination that will take us on a voyage – From Here to Infinity.

Will the Universe end with a bang, or a whimper? Horizon traces the discovery of a dark energy, a mysterious force that may explain how everything will end one day.

Will the Universe live forever? Well I’d guess you’d have to define what life meant. Will the universe cease to exist or will it exist in another form – in which case has it really died? The Universe is currently expanding into itself, before anyone asks what is it expanding into), instead of re-collapsing into a big crunch, negative gravity (in all its variety of names) would appear to be the stronger influence and is making a crunch unlikely.

From Here to Infinity is available from Amazon.com.
Horizon: From Here to Infinity
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