Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Universe - Space Travel

Today on Far Future Horizons we are going to look at some revolutionary ideas about travelling in space, from spaceship designs to innovative methods of propulsion such as solar sails and laser beams. We will also take a look at antimatter as a power source and the possibilities of faster-than-light travel that could make the greatest dream of science fiction a reality. 

Our video feature for today is History Channel’s outstanding documentary series The Universe ~ Space Travel.

Scientists are working on a vast plethora of new technologies in hopes of travelling through space at a rate fast enough to explore the far ends of the universe. See the science behind the notion of warp-speed and the theories that show it is possible for a particle to travel faster than light.

 The Universe is available on DVD from and the History Channel’s online store.

The Universe - Space Travel 

The Universe S02 E08 - Space Travel by kaanozten
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