Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Alien Sounds

Today on Far Future Horizons we listen to what scientists are calling the greatest hits of the universe in another episode of the acclaimed documentary series The Universe - Alien Sounds.

All is not silent in the vast vacuum of the cosmic night; in fact, a strange symphony of alien sounds fills the cosmos.

What does the Universe sound like? From the sweep of a pulsar, to the deafening roar of our boiling sun this episode explores the undiscovered soundscapes of the solar system, the galaxy, and the entire cosmos. And, is it true that in space nobody can hear you scream? Our scientists reveal that there are places in the Universe that prove this sci-fi statement wrong.

The Universe Mega Collection is available on DVD from Amazon.com and the History Channel’s online store.

This episode of The Universe is available on DVD through the History Channel’s online store

The Universe: Alien Sounds

The Universe S07 E02 - Alien Sounds by kaanozten
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