Friday, January 15, 2016

Can We Survive the Death of the Sun?

Today on Far Future Horizons we join veteran actor Morgan Freeman in an outstanding episode of the acclaimed Science Channel documentary series “Through the Wormhole” which explores the question - Can We Survive the Death of the Sun?

The focus of this installment of Through the Wormhole is the survival of humanity (or whatever  we evolve to become) into the far distant future, as measured on geological and cosmological timescales, by developing the technology to move to another planet, a new "Earth" or star system in order to survive the death of our central star, The Sun.

The Sun becomes a Red Giant

We are all at the mercy of the Sun. It's glowing disc sustains nearly all life on Earth. But the Sun also holds a dark secret: someday, our aging, expanding star will bathe the Earth in a fiery holocaust. Everything we know will turn to hot, bubbling, plasma.

Terraformed Mars

The Sun holds a dark secret: it will someday bathe us in a fiery, planetary holocaust. How will we survive the death of our star? The technology to move our entire civilization to Mars sounds like sci-fi, but it is almost within our grasp. Reaching a second Earth across the galaxy could be possible thanks to a radical new propulsion technology from man made black holes.

This episode of Through the Wormhole is available from Amazon Books.

Through the Wormhole - Can We Survive the Death of the Sun?

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  1. Humans won't survive climate change, so 4 billion years into the future? Nope.