Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Pandoran Age Chronicles by Dante D'Anthony

Today on Far Future Horizons it gives us great pleasure to highlight The Pandoran Age Chronicles by Dante D'Anthony, an epic science fiction saga that spans millions of years of Galactic History and multiple dimensions.

An adventure across galactic civilization in the 4000’s.
Since the interstellar gateways have been created, they have been both a marvel and a curse. They are a marvel of technology, a curse of political contention. Plethoras of governments have been established throughout nearly a quarter of the galaxy since the advent of hyperdrives, yet only two truly matter. Firstly, the Transhuman Cyborgian Central Command Economies-CCCE. Mankind’s oldest civilization, CCCE is centered around Earth with their capital world at Deneb 4. Secondly, the Arcturian Republics: a few dozen worlds and worldlets.
The Arcturian Colonials defined the aspects of their era more than any of the galaxy's societies to that point; optimism, technology, and benevolent order. It shone in their architecture, which soared, their economies, which roared, and their sense of life with its easy freedoms. They achieved it without the all-encompassing grip of the Imperials and their Transhuman Overlords, the continual strife of the Oligarchies and Kingdoms, or the horrific mysticism of the Marauder Cult at the galactic core
And then, there is War. Refugees form desperate communities in the Sagittarius Spiral Arm of the Galaxy-the Outworlders. The Galaxy then is in the midst of a strange Dark Age. A young Outworlder smuggler chances upon a derelict starship. A psychic Historian empath sees visions in the ruins of a spaceport. A fleet General finds inexplicable deletions from deep space logs. An upscale Art Dealer wakes from a cyberspace sentence to find her sentience inserted into a clone of herself-a thousand years after convicted for spying- the authorities this time want her services on a mission, offering full pardon.
Star Trade Guildsmen, Wildcat pilots, Transhuman Imperial Overlords ruling a hive mind, Syndicate Warlords-the usual suspects of Spacers and Art Deco androids. Hauling heavy-metal Star yachts through mysterious nebula, and dark Herculean stations-none of them expect to be pulled by fate into the center of an impending intergalactic conflict seventy million years old, least of all with each other.
Yet the haunting evidence of extradimensional beings has been mounting for centuries. Now they are arriving in force, and a divided humanity is ill prepared.

The Pandoran Age Chronicles is a magnificent mix of Science Fiction and Fantasy genres that pays homage to some of the greatest authors of Science fiction and fantasy. Namely, Asimov’s Galactic Empires and Robot novels. H.P. Lovecraft’s extradimensional horrors. Stephen R. Donaldson’s grimy spacers in the Gap series, and Samuel R. Delany’s poetic mix of the mythological and Space opera.

All of the books that make up The Pandoran Age Chronicles can be purchased in one compilation directly from CreateSpace – An Amazon Company under the title The Pandoran Wars.

THE MAGNIFICENT RAIDERS OF DIMENSION WAR ONE “A mad Transhuman Overlord, and a Female Cyborg Superspy, organize a group of soldiers, pirates, smugglers, and a psychic to combat demonic beings from another dimension.” Based on the books by Dante D'Anthony. The 42nd Century, it is a Dark Age after a cataclysmic war, the “Age of Pandora”. Strange and inexplicable things are occurring, horrific things. A young Aristocratic-Psychic in the Pleiades Cluster is brought into a circle of elite Rangers and Royal Police on a missing persons case. Thus begins the Chronicles of Winteroud Sole, as he records his adventures over many years. Entwined with smugglers, pirate warlords, spies-and the terrible Transhumans, whose empire still lingers over a large portion of the galaxy. The Detectives and Rangers set out on to wild outlaw spaces at Galactic Core, where underworld characters of ill repute contend with Mutant Marauders.The mystery deepens as the Winteroud searches the ancient ruins for clues among the ghosts...while the Transhuman Empire secretly spies and conspires. A rogue General discovers ancient aliens on a lost world of Dinosaurs and strange alien life forms. Winteroud's clues lead him to a refugee Out world, far in the Sagittarius Galactic Spiral Arm. Sensing Rakshasa Demon beings from another dimension, the psychic hires a band of Trade Guild Space Smugglers; mercenaries...


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