Saturday, August 20, 2016

What If the Moon Didn't Exist?

Today on Far Future Horizons we present two video features that will allow us to glimpse an alternative evolutionary history of our planet. How would our world and the life on it have evolved if our planet was not accompanied by a natural satellite such as the Moon? How would have the evolutionary history of our planet have unfolded over the course of its four and half billion year history if the Moon didn't exist?

Without the moon, humans wouldn’t exist. Life, if it had started at all, would be in the earliest stages of evolution. Days would last four hours, winds would blow at hurricane force and there would be a dense and toxic atmosphere resembling that of Venus.

Luckily, fifty million years after the formation of the solar system, our proto-planet was hit by a celestial body more than twice the size of Mars, which formed the moon. In this one-hour special, viewers will learn what Earth was like before the moon and what Earth would be like if the moon disappeared.

Neil F. Comins wrote a series of articles and a book entitled "What if the Moon Didn't Exist: Voyages to Earth's that Might Have Been" that looks at these alternative evolutionary scenarios. In fact it has formed the basis for series of radio, TV, and planetarium shows. It was also the theme of the Mitsubishi pavilion at the World Expo in Aishi, Japan in 2005 and is now a show at the "Huis Ten Bosch" resort near Nagasaki, Japan. Dr. Comins’ most recent book is "What If the Earth Had Two Moons?: And Nine Other Thought-Provoking Speculations on the Solar System".

If We Had No Moon 

The Universe - The Day The Moon Was Gone

The Universe S04 E02 - The Day the Moon Was Gone by kaanozten

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