Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Humanity from Space

Today on Far Future Horizons we present the documentary “Humanity from Space”.

From the global perspective of space, this 2-hour special reveals the breath taking extent of our influence, revealing how we’ve transformed our planet and produced an interconnected world of extraordinary complexity.

This is a journey through 12,000 years, “Humanity from Space” shows how seemingly small flashes of innovation have changed the course of civilization; innovations that touch all of us today in ways unimaginable to our ancestors.

And we’ll gaze into the future at the new challenges we’ll face in order to survive as our global population soars because of our success. In every case we’ll look at our progression in a unique and surprising way, revealing unforgettable facts and "who knew?" connections. To visualize these stories cutting-edge technology is used to turn raw data into authentic moving images, building on expertise from a previous (and highly-praised) project; "Earth from Space."

Using this technique, we can map humanity’s behaviour in stunning, never seen before detail, revealing how our civilization grew, how it works today and what the future might hold.

“Humanity from Space” can be purchased on DVD from PBS HomeVideo.

Humanity from Space (2015)
PBS - Humanity from Space Also on YouTube
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