Monday, April 17, 2017

The Secret History of the Voyager Missions

Today on Far Future Horizons we will join the Voyager Space Probes on an Odyssey that will take us out to the realm of the Giant planets and their moons in the Outer Solar System. And, beyond. 

Voyager has had a profound effect on our knowledge of the cosmos. Its mission was supposed to last five years but remains ongoing, fundamentally changing our understanding of the solar system.

Montage of planets and some moons the two Voyager spacecraft have visited and studied by Space Artist Don Davis
Artist's description: "This painting was commissioned by JPL to commemorate the outer planets mission of the successful pair of Voyager spacecraft. Although done in traditional media, computer drawings were generated as an aid to creating perspective rings of the proper scale for each world, which also has one Moon each highlighted. Only distant shots of Neptune were available at the time the work was done, and the hypothetical 'ring arcs' are included as modeled from earth based star occultation data. Acrylic on board for NASA, JPL."

This instalment of Space’s Deepest Secrets features interviews with scientists involved in the Voyager program and will explore what has been achieved thus far and what they hope to accomplish next.

This episode of Space's Deepest Secrets can be purchased from Amazon Instant Video

Space's Deepest Secret's ~ Secret History of the Voyager Mission
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