Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Universe ~ The Hunt for Ringed Planets

Today on Far Future Horizons we join the hunt for ringed planets in our galaxy. They are perhaps the most breathtaking sights in the Universe, yet they can be lethal and a constant source of surprise. The stunning rings of Saturn have mesmerized countless scientists over the centuries. Now prepare to be mesmerized by the beautiful sights that await us elsewhere in the Milky Way. 

With particles ranging in size from that of a dust mote to that of a house shooting at 53,000 miles per hour around the planet, any spacecraft passing through would meet an instant and catastrophic end. Inside the rings is like a NASCAR race--with bumping, jostling and frequent collisions that can cause a massive spin-out. Lesser known are the other planets that have rings--Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, possibly Pluto and Mars. Even Earth has a ring. Comprised of some 200 satellites in a geosynchronous orbit, it is the only known man-made ring in the universe. But the most remarkable thing about rings is that they contain the story of the birth of our solar system, and entire distant galaxies. Rings are more than a wonder of the universe--they reveal the secrets of our own origins.

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The Universe - The Hunt for Ringed Planets

The Universe S04 E05 - The Hunt for Ringed Planets by kaanozten

The Planetary Society Blog posted this wonderful video on December 3rd, 2009 which depicts the Earth with a natural ring system of its own.


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