Sunday, March 2, 2014

Alien Encounters: The Message

The SETI Institute's Allen Telescope Array, Hat Creek Radio Observatory, Hat Creek, California

Today on Far Future Horizons we kick off Alien Encounters week and explore the exciting hypothetical scenario of humanity’s first contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. For centuries, humankind has looked to the skies and wondered, "Are we alone in the universe?"

A Universe Teeming With Life?

In the documentaries we are presenting this week, we join distinguished scientists in examining how extraterrestrials might communicate with Earth and discuss the ramifications on human society if the aliens answer humanity's call and arrive on our celestial doorstep. Will first contact prove to be the dawn of an exciting new era of peace and prosperity for humankind or the prelude to a devastating alien invasion?

The Kepler Space Telescope

In today's video feature, we examine the scenario of first contact when humankind receives its first radio message from an extraterrestrial civilization.

This and other exciting Science Channel documentaries are available on DVD from the Discovery Channel’s online store.

Alien Encounters ~ Are We Alone? : The Message

Alien Encounters S01 E01 - The Message by kaanozten
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