Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Civil War Tech

Battle of Hampton Roads or the Battle of Ironclads

The Civil War is often referred to as the first "modern" war. Many of the technologies devised during that period permanently changed the way wars were fought.

Today on Far Future Horizons we present Civil War Tech, another exciting episode from the acclaimed documentary series Modern Marvels.

Civil War Tech Aerial Reconnaissance: Inflation of the Intrepid, a hydrogen gas balloon used by the Union Army Balloon Corps for aerial reconnaissance. The the Balloon Corps operated a total of seven balloons, with the Intrepid being favored by Chief Aeronaut Thaddeus Lowe. (Mathew Brady/NARA)

America protects its homeland with the most technologically advanced military force ever conceived. Although they fight Twenty-first century battles worldwide, the technology unleashed is directly descended from a war fought more than 140 years ago. This episode explores how the War between North and South was the first modern war, and the technology used in it was a quantum leap beyond any previous conflict. The machine gun, aerial reconnaissance, advanced battlefield medicine, instantaneous communication, ironclad ships, and even the first aircraft carrier were all significant innovations developed during the Civil War.

Civil War "Aircraft Carrier": The Union Army balloon Washington aboard the Navy barge George Washington Parke Custis

This installment of Modern Marvels investigates improvements in weapons, sea power, transportation, troop conveyance, food processing, medical care, and telecommunications during the Civil War Era.

USS Monitor

When the United States was a nation divided, Civil War technology revolutionized the way war was waged. Today those technological milestones have evolved to ensure that America’s modern military has no equal in the world.

Modern Marvels: Civil War Tech is available on DVD from the History Channel’s online store.

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