Friday, July 25, 2014

L5 First City in Space

Today on Far Future Horizons we would like to present a very hopeful vision of the human future rooted in the work of space visionary Gerard K. O'Neill and outlined in his groundbreaking book “The High Frontier: Human Colonies in Space”. 

With great eloquence O’Neill showed my generation of the 1970s, reeling from the political aftermath of Watergate, the Arab oil embargo, the dire predictions of the Club of Rome, and the soaring gasoline prices that there were no limits to growth or the future prosperity of the human species. O’Neil’s vision provided my generation a clear and hopeful message  - there are no limits to growth but only limits to human imagination and nerve. Human inventiveness and ingenuity can help us surmount any problem or obstacle in our path.  

This IMAX movie was the very first I ever saw and it was in 3 D. I was present at its premiere in New York City as a guest of the National Space Society. 

So then without further ado we present for your viewing pleasure the IMAX film: L5 First City in Space. 

L5 First City in Space is available on DVD from Amazon Books.

L5 First City in Space
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