Monday, July 21, 2014

The Truth Behind The Moon Landings

Was one of the greatest scientific and technological achievements of our age just an elaborate hoax? Was Neil Armstrong’s one small step just that- a small step in a studio in Area 51?

Today on Far Future Horizons we present “The Truth behind the Moon Landings” a documentary that debunks the assorted Moon hoax conspiracy theories that have been circulating for the past decade.

Bill Kaysing the former head of technical publications for Rocketdyne is considered, by many, to be the father of moon conspiracy theorists.

Both he and Ralph René the author of NASA Mooned America set out their stall with all the evidence supporting their theory:

Contradicting shadows in photographs, moon walk was a slow motion film, no stars in night sky, flag fluttering in a breeze, lack of Computing power to land the lunar module, can’t manipulate camera to take photographs, dust below lunar module should have been disturbed, film would be damaged by radiation… etc.

The Truth Behind The Moon Landings on YouTube

The Truth Behind The Moon Landings on Daily Motion

The Truth Behind the Moon Landings by yourlctv

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