Friday, August 1, 2014

The Hidden History of Egypt with Terry Jones

Today on Far Future Horizons we present The Hidden History of Egypt hosted by Terry Jones of Monty Python fame

The Surprising History of Egypt is a one-hour documentary presented by Terry Jones, bringing the everyday details of the ancients Egyptians - bizarre, hilarious or shocking - to life. Uncovering hidden gems such as the peculiar hobby of building and decorating one’s own tomb as an enjoyable pastime and disclosing unknown facts on the integral part played by the River Nile in ancient life, Terry Jones goes far beyond the conventional and brings to life the world of the ancient Egyptians through the more obscure eccentricities of their behavior.

Egyptians were famed for their extravagant building techniques and extraordinary gods, but what about the ordinary citizens? How did they lead their day to day lives? What did they do for entertainment? Did they believe in their gods? Discover astonishing facts that throw new light on our understanding of the Ancient Egyptians.

This wonderful documentary is available on DVD from

The Surprising History of Egypt or Hidden History of Egypt with Terry Jones 

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