Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Weakening of Earth's Natural Force Field

Today on Far Future Horizons we explore Earth’s magnetic field, the force field that protects our home planet from the lethal cosmic radiation of outer space. Is the Earth losing its magnetic field and doomed to a fate similar to Mars? 

Many scientists believe the answer lies in paleomagnetic data, and that this weakening may be a precursor to a magnetic field reversal; scientists know Earth is long overdue. However, humans were not around when the last reversal took place, so what does this mean for life and the long term future of humanity?

Gradually, the Earth’s magnetic field is growing ever weaker. Electrical and electronic devices suddenly shut down and people with pacemakers suddenly and inexplicably drop dead, flocks of pigeons lose their ability to navigate and seemingly lose their way and circle aimlessly above skies of Trafalgar Square and begin crashing into buildings, parked cars and people. Countless pods of whales and other aquatic mammals beach themselves. Navigational devices go awry effecting cargo ships, passenger aircraft, telecommunications satellites and computers on NASA’s space shuttle Endeavour sending it far off course and forcing the Astronauts to make an emergency landing in the Los Angeles river basin.

Is there a factual basis for such a plot line? Could we be heading for a demagnetized doomsday that will leave us defenseless against the lethal effects of solar wind and cosmic rays?

Today’s documentary “Earths Force Field” takes a close scientific look at such a horrific scenario.

National Geographic's – Earth's Force Field

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