Wednesday, December 10, 2014

BBC Horizon ~ The Science of Star Trek

Today on Far Future Horizons we present another documentary from the acclaimed science documentary series Horizon titled “The Science of Star Trek” which first aired as part of BBC 2’s Star Trek Night on August 26th, 1996.

In this episode of Horizon eminent scientists such as Roger Penrose, Stephen Hawking and Lawrence M. Krauss, discuss how the science fiction of the TV series Star Trek measures up to real life scientific fact.

I would like to refer my readers to a very interesting article titled “The Final Frontier: The Science of Star Trek” by Adam Hadhazy which was published on the Scientific American website on May 6th, 1996.

I highly recommend to our readers  The Physics of Star Trek by theoretical physicist Lawrence M. Krauss. It discusses the physics involved in various concepts and objects described in the Star Trek universe. He investigates the possibility of such things as inertial dampeners and warp drive, and whether physics as we know it would allow such inventions. He also discusses time travel, light speed, pure energy beings, wormholes, teleportation, and other concepts that are staples of the Star Trek universe. 

BBC Horizon ~ The Science of Star Trek
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