Thursday, December 18, 2014

Walking With Dinosaurs - Episode 2: Time of the Titans


Today on Far Future Horizons we embark on another time odyssey to the year 152, 000, 000 BC in Late Jurassic Colorado in the second instalment of the exciting documentary series “Walking With Dinosaurs”.

This episode follows the life of a young female Diplodocus. After hatching at the forest edge, she and her siblings retreat to the safety of the denser trees. As they grow, they face many dangers, including predation by Ornitholestes and Allosaurus, and a Stegosaurus, which kills one of the siblings while swinging its tail. 


Close to adulthood, the group of young Diplodocus are nearly all killed by a huge forest fire and fire storm that night, leaving three, then two survivors including the female. They are driven out onto the open plains, where they find a herd. The protagonist female mates, but not long afterwards is attacked by a bull Allosaurus. She is saved when another Diplodocus strikes the Allosaurus with its tail.


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Walking With Dinosaurs - Episode Two: "Time of the Titans"

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