Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ancient Einsteins ~ Four Great Ancient Innovators of Classical Antiquity

Today on Far Future Horizons we will be introducing a new series titled Ancient Impossible ~ Ancient Einsteins.

Ancient Impossible is a new History Channel documentary, which picks up where History’s long running Ancient Discoveries left off.

In this next generation of storytelling, Ancient Impossible reveals how many of today’s technological achievements were actually developed centuries ago. Colossal monuments, impossible feats of engineering and technologies so precise they defy reinvention.

Proving that the ancient world was far more advanced than we ever imagined.
Through this series, we will travel  to classical antiquity to reveal a radically different picture of the past.

Ctesibius' Water Clock

Ancient Civilizations produced many innovations that were “far ahead of their time”, many of which have been rediscovered and are still in use today.

Philon's Automatic Maid

New scholarship uncovers a lost world more like our own than we ever suspected, and reveals how modern technology has its blueprint in the ancient world.

I can highly recommend this series to my readers. Ancient Impossible reveals that the greatest Archaeological monuments were indeed the product of humanity’s enduring innate talents of innovation and discovery. And, not the meddling intrusion of Ancient Aliens.

Ctesibius of Alexandria

I chose to air Episode 5: Ancient Einsteins Ancient Impossible first, because it highlights the achievements of three great ancient technological innovators. Namely, Ctesibius, Philon of Byzantium, Heron of Alexandria and Archimedes.

Philon of Byzantium

Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, these are some of the most ingenious minds in history. But many of their accomplishments would never have been possible without some of the geniuses of the ancient world. The fact is that most of our modern world is possible because of the incredible minds that lived thousands of years ago. 

Heron of Alexandria

We show the incredible genius of Archimedes, who managed to make water flow uphill and pull a ship up a beach single handed! Meet Philon the genius behind the world’s first robot, and Ctesibius, who was experimenting with pneumatics centuries before anyone else. 


As impossible as it sounds, Heron of Alexandria invented the world’s first steam engine, as well as automatic doors and vending machines! You’d be surprised to find out just how much of today’s technology would be impossible without these “Ancient Einsteins.”

This episode of Ancient Impossible ~ Ancient Einsteins can be purchased via Amazon’s Instant Video

Ancient Impossible ~ Ancient Einsteins

Ancient Impossible S01 E05 - Ancient Einsteins by kaanozten
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