Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Great Ships of Antiquity

Greek Trireme

Some of the greatest ships in history were actually designed, built and sailed thousands of years ago.

Join us as today on Far Future Horizons as we examine the greatest warship of the ancient world, the Greek Trireme. What made Triremes so deadly and fast?

Roman Nemi Ship

This episode of Ancient Impossible will also examine the most impossibly opulent ships ever created, the notorious sex ships, built by the notorious Roman Emperor Caligula. Ships built for pleasure which contained marine technology that would not be reinvented for centuries.

Korean Turtle Ship

This instalment will also explore what many believe may have been the world's first ironclads the Korean Turtle Ships that predate first of ironclads use in the American Civil War by three hundred years.

Korean Turtle Ship

This episode of Ancient Impossible ~ Greatest Ships can be purchased direct from Amazon Instant Video.

Ancient Impossible ~ Greatest Ships

Ancient Impossible S01 E07 - Greatest Ships by kaanozten
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