Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Power Tools of the Ancients

Today on Far Future Horizons we present another exciting episode of Ancient Impossible ~ Power Tools.

Behind the colossal monuments of the ancients is something more amazing – the power tools that created them.

Petrie's Infamous Core #7

Powerful automated stone-cutting devices, incredible power drills capable of cutting through even the hardest granite, fire engines that can respond to and extinguish a fire anywhere in a city; even precise surgery tools so fine they are used on the human eye.

Ancient Roman cataract surgery tools

These tools are not from the modern world but are in fact thousands of years old. Most would be lost to time and not again for centuries. How was the ancient world able to create such incredible power tools? Why were they lost, and could there be even more advanced ancient power tools waiting to be discovered?

Two types of hydraulic-powered chain pumps from the Tiangong Kaiwu of 1637, written by the Ming Dynasty encyclopedist, Song Yingxing (1587–1666).

These were not the inventions of Ancient Aliens but, came from the collective awe-inspiring ingenuity of our ancient forebears. 

Had the Ancients taken this technology further the Industrial Revolution could have  kicked off two thousand years earlier.

One major note of criticism I can level against this series is when the narrator uses throughout every episode of the series the expression “technology more advanced than our own”.

Such phraseology makes the series sound pseudoscientific. Which this series is most certainly not. In my opinion, Ancient Impossible and Ancient Discoveries are two documentary series backed by serious historical and archaeological scholarship. 

Personally I believe the script writers of this series should have used the phase “technology as sophisticated as our own”.

Unlike the History Channel’s  Ancient Aliens which was based on puerile pseudoscience and pseudoarchaeology.

Ancient civilizations most certainly did not possess technologies or weaponry more advanced than our own.  Yet, our ancestors were not stupid or primitive they were just as intelligence and clever as we. And, did not need the help or intervention of Ancient Aliens to construct the megascale monuments that astound us today.

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Ancient Impossible ~ Power Tools

Ancient Impossible S01 E06 - Power Tools by kaanozten
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