Monday, October 19, 2015

Jupiter, Destroyer and Saviour of Worlds

Today on Far Future Horizons we will explore Jupiter and its system of moons.

Beneath Jupiter’s clouds lie our solar system’s deepest secrets: from its violent youth, through the birth of life to the death of the sun. Scientists are discovering that the solar system, the Earth and every living thing exists because of Jupiter.

Jupiter may indeed be the destroyer and Saviour of Worlds.

To quote a recent article:

It has long been known that the advanced life on Earth may owe its existence to Jupiter, whose hulking presence and massive gravity well have probably saved our planet from many an asteroid collision. Not only has Jupiter attracted and destroyed asteroids that may otherwise have collided with Earth, but it has also flung asteroids entirely out of our solar system. Jupiter is the great guardian, protecting our little planet from the sort of repeated collisions that would have set back the development of life over and over again.
Now two scientists are postulating that Jupiter (and Saturn, in a secondary role) may be responsible for the very existence of Earth itself—because it destroyed the first generation of planets in the inner system, leaving a debris ring that later formed a second generation farther from the sun.

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How the Universe Works ~ Jupiter, Destroyer and Saviour 
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