Thursday, October 8, 2015

Monster Black Holes

Today on Far Future Horizons we are going on an odyssey into nature’s ultimate abyss – a Monster Black Hole.

We will explore where they are found, how they begin, and how it may be possible to harness and use the power they produce.

In Monster Black Holes, scientists steadily piece together the complex dynamics of a black hole’s birth and are also examine the growth of a select few black holes to super massive proportions that dominate the centers of galaxies. 

As a monster black hole swallows everything in its path, it generates energy that shapes the universe around it in powerful ways.

Journey into the heart of a black hole and explore what happens to matter when it falls into a black hole, and whether the Milky Way galaxy will one day come to an end when the black hole at the galaxy’s center explodes.

This episode of Naked Science can be purchased on DVD from the National Geographic Channel’s Online Shop.

Naked Science ~ Monster Black Holes
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