Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Black Sky: The Race for Space

Today on Far Future Horizons we present the documentary Black Sky: The Race for Space about the private sector's efforts to carry private citizens into space. In the light of NASA’s policy shift in relying on the private sector to raise the venture capital and develop the technologies that will take future astronauts into low Earth orbit and beyond this is an especially appropriate documentary feature to watch.

Follow Burt Rutan on his quest to build a personal spacecraft dubbed Space Ship One and capture the elusive X Prize: a $10 million award that will go to the first privately funded, non-governmental group to build a spacecraft capable of carrying three six foot two, one hundred and ninety eight pound adults to an altitude of 62 miles twice in 14 days. Since the contest began in 1996, more than twenty teams had entered, representing the United States, Canada, Russia, England and Argentina. But Burt Rutan, the first to sign up, won. No other X Prize competitor could have matched his success or track record in aircraft design.

Black Sky: The Race for Space is available on DVD from

Black Sky: The Race For Space

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