Sunday, June 26, 2016

Could We Survive A Mega Tsunami?

Today on Far Far Future Horizons we explore the question Could We Survive A Mega Tsunami?

This BBC Two documentary starts with a horrific scenario a kilometre high tidal wave, travelling at the speed of a jet aircraft, and heading for us. 

The destructive effects of tsunamis have been all too evident in recent years, with one on Boxing Day (December 26th)  2004 killing around 250,000 people in southern Asia and another striking Japan on March 11th, 2011 and nearly bringing this nation close to the edge of a nuclear catastrophe. 

This documentary uses the latest scientific modelling to present a minute-by-minute account of what might happen if there was a mega-tsunami in the Atlantic, and what would it do to cities including Casablanca, Lisbon, London and New York.

Could We Survive A Mega Tsunami? - Could We Survive a Mega-Tsunami BBC Two

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