Saturday, May 13, 2017

Terraforming Mars

From Martyn J. Fogg's Terraforming Website

Mars is currently a world gripped in a perpetual ice age. On the surface, Mars is a freeze-dried world of rocks, ice, and dust. At first glance it looks like the least likely place to plant a garden. But rocks and minerals found by the Mars rovers show it may have had a warmer and more clement environment conducive to life. 

Today on Far Future Horizons we take another exciting look at the possibility of transforming the planet Mars into a second planetary abode for humanity and the other life forms of our planet. What would it take to Terraform the red planet and bring life to Mars and Mars to life?

Aerial exploration of a dry valley on Mars. This painting, by David A. Hardy, depicts the dirigible airship Arrowhead described in Kim Stanley Robinson's novel 'Red Mars'.

Perhaps with some ingenuity humankind can take what it learned from its current and inadvertent geochemical experiment, that is steadily and adversely altering our planet’s climate, and use these same lessons in a deliberate attempt to transform the red planet into a green and blue orb that may one day become an abode for terrestrial life and consciousness.

Many of the painting on this page came from Martyn J. Fogg's very informative Terraforming information website.

Terraforming Mars 

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