Thursday, January 30, 2014

Secrets of the Stone Age 1: The Wisdom of the Stones

Today on Far Future Horizons we begin a three-part series titled "Secrets of the Stone Age" in which anthropologist and author Richard Rudgley sets off on an epic journey back in time and around the world to discover the real roots of civilization.

Ä gantija temples on the Island of Gozo, Malta

In the first episode of this series “The Wisdom of the Stones” Richard Rudgley travels from New York to the Pyramids and beyond in search of evidence of writing, medicine and architecture from the Neolithic or New Stone Age (8000 – 3000 BC) way before conventional history says they existed. It was the time when human beings embarked on a bold experiment, settling down in fixed communities – and establishing a style of living that still exists today.

This episode of “Secrets of the Stone Age” features the Neolithic Archaeology of the island of Malta.

Secrets of the Stone Age is available on DVD along with its companion book from Amazon.

Secrets of the Stone Age 1: The Wisdom of the Stones

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