Thursday, January 16, 2014

Comet Catastrophes

It has happened before, and it will happen again. Somewhere out in the dark depths of the Oort cloud there lurks a comet with our name on it.

Imagine the awesome effect of a three-mile wide comet crashing into the Indian Ocean.

Our ancestors may have witnessed global catastrophes that, today are lost in the mist of time and only dimly remembered in the myths and legends they weaved to explain traumatic episodes beyond their comprehension. These myths and tales may contain proverbial lessons key to our survival as a species.

All ancient cultures seem to deem comets as omens of doom. This is a universal fact of anthropological history. The question is - why? Why this worldwide fear of comets? Does it stem from a universal and merely coincidental superstitious fear of seemingly ghostly celestial apparitions that seems to contradict the normal cycles of the heavens? Or do our forbearers have legitimate and first hand experiences that justify this fear? In recent years evidence has come to light that provides justification to the contentious claim that our ancestors had very good reasons to fear comets. Scientific evidence has now emerged that comets have brought with them universal and worldwide calamity at various times in recent Earth history.

Scientists suggest that such a cataclysmic event, occurring about 4.800 years ago, could have been the inspiration for the Bible's Great Flood. It would have decimated sixty percent of the Earth's population.

Now, imagine such a comet striking the Pacific Ocean near modern-day San Francisco. In vivid detail, Mega Disasters evokes just such a terrible event. Witness as millions of lives are lost and the Earth is consumed by mega tsunamis, earthquakes, torrential rains and nuclear winter.

Mega Disasters Comet Catastrophe is one documentary you will want to add to your DVD collection and is available from the History Channel’s online shop.

Mega Disasters ~ Comet Catastrophe

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