Monday, January 20, 2014

Why Ancient Egypt Fell

Once the envy of the ancient world, the mighty civilization of Egypt stood for thousands of years until it underwent a swift decline and eventual fall. Find out how such a magnificent empire could collapse so entirely given its wealth, power and rich culture.

The fall of Ancient Egypt, some 4,000 years ago, has long baffled the world. How could such a powerful Empire collapse so entirely? Was it political infighting that brought it to its knees? Was it invading Arab armies that  killed the last great Dynasty? Now, scientists have developed a new theory and it's a chilling prophecy for our own time.

Select images from NASA, along with global climate models and mapping reveal how changes half a world away triggered a chain of events that destroyed ancient Egypt. This one-hour documentary examines the possible causes behind Egypt's downfall. 

Why Ancient Egypt Fell is available on DVD from the Discovery Channel's online store.

Why Ancient Egypt Fell  

Why Ancient Egypt Fell - Discovery from Gabriella Polletta on Vimeo.


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