Friday, January 24, 2014

Someday Somewhere Beyond - Colonizing Space

The visualizations in “Someday Somewhere Beyond” were created by Bryan Versteeg, based on a proposal by Al Globus, a NASA researcher who has gathered an enormous online archive of resources and historic images of NASA’s space settlement proposals to “bring space to life and life to space.”

Today on Far Future Horizons we take an exciting look at humanity’s future in space as envision by students who were inspired by such bold visionaries as Gerald K. O’Neil and Robert Zubrin.

Imagine a city in space, a round structure miles across that millions of people would call home. Engineers working at NASA in the 1970s developed colorful proposals for permanent settlements in space, but their plans were shelved and forgotten. Decades later, a new generation of dreamers from high schools around the world aspire to mine asteroids, terraform other planets, and venture to the stars. The students have come together for a contest at NASA, and have big plans for the next millennium.

Someday Somewhere Beyond

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