Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Civilization Lost

Akrotiri Minoan town

Today on Far Future Horizons we join the hunt for ancient and lost civilizations.

Around the world, archaeologists are uncovering artifacts that suggest the existence of previously unknown ancient civilizations, much like the mythical city of Atlantis. There is a growing belief among certain scientists and archaeologists that tens of thousands of years ago, before the rise of today's civilizations, sophisticated human societies existed many of which vanished from the face of the Earth leaving little trace of their existence. 

Artist's conception of the ancient fortress city of Ubar

Proponents of this theory believe that these civilizations were wiped off the planet and that the evidence now lies buried miles beneath the Earth's surface. This two-hour special will investigate these beliefs and uncover the truth about people who lived before the beginning of recorded time.

The reddish streaks in this NASA radar image from the space shuttle show ancient paths leading to and around the Ubar site, which had literally sunk into an underground water hole.
A burial at Varna, with some of the world's oldest gold jewellery.

This documentary is well worth watching and presents many interesting Archaeological sites unknown to us until their recent discovery. Many of the theories presented herein are mainstream archaeology. The only audacious suggestion touched on, was the idea that Tel Hamoukar in in Syria was possibly destroyed by a Nuclear Fission Georeactor (like the one in Gabon) that went super critical and exploded.

I was especially intrigued by the discoveries of the Necropolis at Varna in Bulgaria and Göbekli Tepe in Turkey.

This History Channel special presentation can be purchased direct from the History Channel’s online store

Civilization Lost 

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